Jul 31, 2016

We Come For Lunch - Live @ Taix

NK Live at the Wayfarer - WhatWasThatOneBand.com Review

Via whatwasthatoneband.com:
Their sound, at first, had that soft and familiar indie-like quality with an added electric dynamic that then decided to say “fuck-off” to all the structure that encompasses popular music today. Their songs had a tremendous amount of transition that, if put into words might go something like, “Oh yeah, I’m gunna play that part you think I’m going to play…here it comes…yeah it’s coming… here comes the chorus…” then, “PSYCH WE GOT YOU, YA IDIOT!  THERE IS NO CHORUS.”

Jun 17, 2016

Interview with Lady Audio

Most of the gear I used to make 'Put It With Mine' was DIY including the mic I used for vocals! Learn why we chose to handmake our audio equipment in this interview I did with Clara of Lady Audio.

Apr 8, 2016

NK Instrumentals

Here are some unmastered instrumentals from the Put It With Mine record.

Pick your poison:


Mar 31, 2016


Irk. Thanks to Mike at @mccabesguitarshop!

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Feb 16, 2016


We are now windowless. 
Endless versions of ourselves that we hate.
Interpreting the most polite gestures as rude.